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DSTV Digital Media


The Digital Media Division of Mutichoice’s DSTV (DDM) was faced with two problems. Two divisions which had up to this point functioned separately were suddenly merged to help streamline the development and roll-out of DSTV’s digital products. This created a lot of friction trying to combine different work cultures and processes together. This was coupled with the fact that DDM was churning out products and innovations so quickly; many of the internal employees handling client services were not familiar with the products. CREA8 International was called in to embark on an internal communications exercise to increase product knowledge amongst the DDM staff.


CREA8 International began with an immersion process to gain insights into the barriers to buy-in from employees, how the products fit in to the broader DSTV offering and the value added to the customer experience. The insights from this exercise were communicated to management and a strategy unveiled. Our solution was an engaging, multi-platform, multi-sensory internal campaign around the idea of ‘journey’. We teased the roll out with a series of e-mailers designed to ramp up excitement for what was coming. Over the subsequent weeks, we held immersive workshops, ran competitions and gave out prizes to employees as they displayed increasing product knowledge and customer engagement. The campaign culminated in a specially designed board game made to help employees bond together and learn even more about DDM’s product offerings.